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Ask my father if I can go hiking with weirdo

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November 11th, 2006

11:07 pm - Self-love
You are the only person who you can guarantee will love you without pretense. You are the only person upon whom you can always rely. You are the only person whose quirks you can tweak. You are the only person who you can make happy. You are the only person who will never leave you.

Encouraging, isn't it?
Current Mood: angryangry

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October 29th, 2006

11:46 am - For yooooooooou:
A Midsummer Night's Dream - act 1, scene 1:
"Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind"

I should comment about it, instead of just posting a quote, but I don't know what to comment. The quote says it all. You know when you really love someone, but you've been away from them for a long time and you can't remember too well what they're face looks like in person, but you can remember exactly the way their voice says certain things, or exactly the way they feel when you're lying on their chest? You can remember how warm they are, and how your body heat warms them as well, and how they stroked your hair? Yes, those things are absolutes, but how they looked and how you looked...even how the room looked or the sheets...are unimportant.
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative

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October 25th, 2006

10:23 am - Yep...I skipped class for this.
The hardest thing I can think of is knowing when to let go.

I don't even mean holding on for yoo long; some give up before they've really started.

Probably later, I'll come back and edit this entry to make it longer, but at the moment, I've skipped 19th Century Literature and if I don't hurry the fuck up, will also miss Astronomy.
Current Mood: crankycranky

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October 19th, 2006

12:37 pm - Restore saved draft?
I am so weirded out right now. People who are my age are not supposed to: 1.) get married 2.) have children 3.) enter their chosen career for forever. I just read a message from an old friend saying that he's having a baby, and I can't shake how weird that is. I know that we all have the capability to bear children at this point, and some of us are taking advantage of that, but so far, this is the first person I was friends with in high school to enter a new (and bizarre) stage of life. There have been several girls I grew up with who have gotten married in the last year, and that almost makes me confused to the core.
I think I must be on a totally different wavelength from people I used to know, because I don't feel that I'll ever be ready to do things like that. Marriage? Not without a lot of tears and desperation. Children? I don't think I'd ever want something like that. I can't even keep a houseplant healthy.
And as much as I hate to think about it, I'll be graduating in 2 years and then I'll be a "real grown-up"...and what, then? Then I write books? Then I pay rent and bills and taxes and student loans?
I do know the directions to Neverland; I wonder if they'd still take me. I'm tall, but I think I'd be an okay lost boy.
Current Mood: confusedbaffled

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September 25th, 2006

03:39 pm - G'Day Mate
Soooo...hmm...I got a brush. It's round and it's got a squishy handle. I like to hold it and squeeze it, but when I try to use it when I'm drying my hair, it gets all tangled up and makes me very angry.

I suck at being a girl.
Current Location: Work studaaaaaaaaaaay
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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August 20th, 2006

10:43 am - Munchkin munchkin munchkin munchkin...
Woohoo! Happy happy back to school song!
It really gets my panties in a twist how in high school, summers are much too short and when they end, there are many tears and suicidal thoughts, while summers in college are very very long. I did manage to save lots and even to buy a plane ticket to Ireland, as well as managed to live with my parents pretty much peaceably, though, so I guess as long as the summer does end, it's all okay. And it is over, so it must be all good.

Still, there's that weird displaced feeling again that lets me know my home isn't actually here and it's not actually there, either...

This is a Very Sloppy Blog entry.

Later, I'll come back and write a beautiful, thoughtful blog. Now, though, I need some coffee. You know, I heard somewhere that coffee isn't bad for anyone; in fact, it's good for a person. Not only that, but decaf is less good, meaning that regular, caffeinated coffee is the way to go. It's apparently good for the liver...or kidneys, maybe...or it might have been something else...shut up, I didn't dream it, it's true!
Current Mood: chipperchipper

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July 16th, 2006

11:46 am - Not a real entry, but...
GOD! I forgot to celebrate Bastille Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated
Current Music: some horrible Irish rapper

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July 8th, 2006

10:39 pm - So this isn't exactly a complaint, but...
I think it's fairly creepy how in some families, parents refer to each other as "mom" and "dad"...even worse when they refer to each other as "mommy" and "daddy"...especially when their kids are teenagers or in their twenties.

But, I guess whatever turns them on, and if their past reproduction does it for them, I'm sure that's good.
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: Sigur Ros

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June 16th, 2006

06:34 pm - Circus fleas? What the hell are those?
Boredom and fleas are more alike than I thought. I mean, I've never before thought about the similarities before now, but the more I do think about the two, the more they seem synonymous with each other. Maybe it's working for the exterminating company that has me thinking about both boredom in an office as well as bugs...I'm not sure. Anyway, I don't have fleas right now, but I do have the boreds.
Sunday marks six weeks of summer. If I quit my job in the first week of August as planned, it means I've hit the half-way mark for the tedious, horrible bit. As encouraging as that is, it means there are still 6 more weeks, and I'm bored. I feel like the apathy is mostly self-inflicted, if that makes things and better or worse. If I never get anything done but going to work and sleeping, I'll not remember anything from this summer and when I look back, I'll say "Where did the time go?". That's what I hope, at least.
However, I don't really want to be so bored. I do want to have fun, do things, etc. Again like fleas, when you have the boreds, they're hard to get rid of. I need a project or something to rid myself of this stagnancy. Is that even a word? Ah, I don't care...
Current Mood: apatheticapathetic
Current Music: Rammstein "Du Hast"

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May 27th, 2006

06:45 pm - Thought for the day:
You know, if you have to ASK someone out, it probably isn't going to work. I've never had a good experience with any guy who has asked me to go out with him. I'm not talking about asking out on a date, I'm talking about asking you to please be interested in him and not to have any interest in any other guy but him.

Of course, sometimes you get caught up in the moment, physically at least; and later, things are awkward because you don't actually like the guy and he really wants you to like him...

Yeah, that's about it. This doesn't have anything to do with what's happening in my life right now, directly at least. Just reflecting a bit.

There isn't anything happening in my life right now. I'm working a boring office job, which sucks, but pays pretty well. If all goes according to plan, I'll have plenty of money saved at the end of the summer, and then I can go see my Jack.

Also, with the abundance of coffee at work and also at home, I'm drinking more than ever. Oh, caffeinated goodness...I drink 2 or 3 pots before lunch, and then after lunch, I drink a bit, just socially. Yum. Love really is coffee, you know.
Current Mood: chipperchipper
Current Music: Rocket Man, by...ummm...oh, shoot. I can't remember.

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